Latest News At Inkstack

First crop of Prometheus calves are looking exceptional

Prometheus is leaving easy calved, long shapey calves that are looking as good a crop of calves as we have had. We have maximised the number of females put to him this year such is our initial thoughts on the calves he is leaving

Good to see such positive news for Idvies from Inkstack Ely's first crop of calves.

The Scottish Farmer

July 2015 - Fabio joins the sires

INKSTACK FABIO P610 out with the yearling bulling heifers. An ELY M501 son, with easy calving and good figures across the board combined with real style made it a simple choice. He went to work like an experienced campaigner!!

June 2015 - Powerhouse out as well.

INKSTACK POWERHOUSE N529, our backup bull went out to the calved heifers to replace Eusebio. He's a tremendous size and length and the calves he left last year are looking strong.

June 2015 - Eusebio off to the borders

INKSTACK EUSEBIO P594 is off to the borders, again to a previous customer. He was out with the calved heifers but was chosen to head south, his meatiness and figures being key factors.

May 2015 - Prometheus goes out as main herd sire

INKSTACK PROMETHEUS P583 was put out as main herd sire. His length and shape, plus his breeding, made this an easy choice to replace Picasso.

Apri 2015 - Picasso goes to new home

Before the bulls were put out Picasso was purchased by a local commercial cattle farm, returning to get another bull. We were sad to see him go but we had a good selection of young bulls to cover the cows afer AI, so we could afford to let him go. He has a great width and shape and we look forward to seeing his calves grow. They calved very easily, mostly less than 40kg and are starig to flesh up nicely.

June 2014 - New Herd Sire

INKSTACK PICASSO N574 has been retained as the main Inkstack Herd Sire. His dam was the pick of the 2011 heifer crop, from a tremendous female line. When she calved we knew Picasso was a potential stock sire due to his shape and his pedigree. Exceptional scanning figures in April confirmed him as our choice to continue improving the carcass quality of our calves whilst maintaining the maternal qualities that are the mainstay of the herd. 

May 2014 - Inkstack Overall Champion at Dingwall Bull Sale

Inkstack Panther M491 won the Aberdeen Angus Championship at the annual Spring Bull Sale at Dingwall, before going on to be awarded the interbreed Champion. 

He then went on to sell to Messrs Alllan, Durran Mains, just a few miles along the road from Inkstack!

May 2014 - Premier moves to Borders

We are very pleased that Inkstack Premier has been purchased by the Threeburnford Herd in the Borders. Andrew Halliday came up in April to have a look at him and his offspring having seen he was for sale in the AA Review. Andrew liked the cattle he saw and thought Premier a suitable sire for the Threeburnford herd. 

Our most successful herd sire to-date, Premier now has too many daughters and close relatives in the herd to stay on at Inkstack. We are very pleased with the stock he has left us with many retained heifers and the commercial bulls he left have sold well. We hope he goes on to be as successful for Patricia and the Threeburnford team. 

February 2014 - Inkstack Ely sells for 12,000 gns 

Inkstack Ely won his class in Stirling on Monday - our first Class win at the Stirling Bull Sales. He then went on to sell for twelve thousand guineas - our highest sale price to date - to Messrs Fraser of the famous Idvies Herd. We thank them for choosing Ely and wish them ever success with their purchase. He is a big powerful bull with great fleshing. At his size he was incredibly easy doing. That, with his shape and breeding, led us to use him last summer on our heifers and close relatives of Premier. 

(Note Summer 2014 - he has consistently left very good calves, as good a bunch of calves as we have had with any bull used in the past. He stamped his style on all the calves. Photos to be posted on calves 2014)

October 2013 - Inkstack Fortress heads down south

INKSTACK FORTRESS M526    has sold to the Easton Greys herd. 

Mathew Stoker, herd manager at Easton Greys, travelled to Caithness in September to view the herd and selected Fortress as his pick of the bulls. “Fortress is a long, thick, meaty bull, who is very powerful for his age with a tremendous stature and from a very strong female line at Inkstack. His figures match his looks, with fantastic growth, carcass and milk figures, he should compliment the females within our herd”

We took it as a real compliment that Mathew travelled all the way from Wiltshire to view our herd and purchase a bull.  Fortress looked to have the making of a stock bull since he born and we wish the Easton Greys’ team all the best with him in the future.

New 400 day weight record for Inkstack - April 2013

INKSTACK ELY M501- "LEVI" - has set a new weight record for Inkstack. An actual on farm weight of 805kgs at 402 days, Levi becomes the first bull to pass the 800kgs at 400 days bred at Inkstack. 

Levi is a Rawburn Elysium son, out of a Ranui Impact daughter. He combines the length of Elysium with the deep New Zealand type body

Sale of Inkstack Earlson - Feburary 2013

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Inkstack Earlson L470 by Messers W A Robertson of the Nightingale herd. We used Earlson ourselves on heifers last year as we really liked his shape and easy doing qualities, as well as his breeding. We are very pleased he has gone on to one of the top herds in the country. We wish the Robertson's well with their latest aquisition. 

For more info on the story click here

Summer 2012 - Inkstack bull to Logie

Inkstack Excalibar K417 sold to Logie Estates. Having been used at Inkstack to sweep up after the Ai'ers this year, Excalibar is off to Aberdeenshire, where we hope he will do well.  

(Note - Summer 2014 - we have retained a son of Excalibar as our Herd Sire. Excalibar has consistently left tremendous shape and size in his offspring and, with calves on the ground and scanned, his EBVs have soared)

Spring - 2012

Spring of 2012 sees the first of Premier's calves and we are delighted with their shape and style. Easily calved and very consistent, they are all we hoped for. 

New Herd Sire - May 2011

Due to an injury to Fusilier, we have decided to keep INKSTACK PREMIER K387 as our new herd sire. Tremendous shape, length and locomotion, combined with excellent figures & pedigree, and a great character, we feel he is a must keep for the Inkstack herd!

Flush and Embryo transfer - April 2011 - THE RESULTS!

Having implanted 8 of the 11 embryos from the flush, we were delighted that all 8 scanned in calf and all made it safely through calving. We now have 6 heifers and 2 bulls from the flush.  They are very smart, stylish calves, like peas in pod!

Flush and Embryo transfer - July 2010

We recently flushed one of our top cows at Inkstack, Inkstack Flhame A033 to Ankonian Elixir 100. Her fantastic muscle definition, length and structural correctness made for an easy decision that she had to be flushed, and Elixir, well he speaks for himself!





Her lovely calf this year, Flhame K394,(pictured below at only 6 month) by Ankonian Elixir, confirmed this decision!